ARISTON - Prios 12 Inverter Air Conditioner
ARISTON - Prios 12 Inverter Air Conditioner

ARISTON - Prios 12 Inverter Air Conditioner



◘ Ariston Prios R32 Inverter Air Conditioner is a 2021 new generation premium model. Which features modern, environmentally friendly Freon ─ R32, which does not damage the ozone layer.
◘ Thanks to 2D INVERTER technology, Ariston inverter air conditioner is one of the most economical models on the market ─ Minimum energy consumption during cooling goes up to 100 watts, which at the same time does not change the efficiency of the air conditioner. Compared to standard air conditioners, the Ariston Prios model consumes 30 ─ 40% less energy.
◘ The Prios conditioner also features a low noise level (23 dB (A)) equal to the rustling sound of the leaves.
Ან With everything Ariston air conditioner is as safe as possible for health, it has a freon leak sensor, a self-cleaning function that keeps the whole system working for a long time.
◘ Comfort is the main driving force of the ARISTON brand (Comfort Always ON), the PRIOS inverter air conditioner is fully customized in terms of customer comfort, unlike the ON / OFF air conditioners, the PRIOS model maintains the specified temperature exactly. It ◘ ◘ also has a Follow Me function. The air conditioner will receive temperature information not directly from the unit but from the thermostat of the control panel.

Brand: ARISTON (Ariston)
Model: PRIOS R32 12 BTU INV
Code: 3381287 (internal 3381274 / external 3381255)
Warranty: 3 years
Recommended area: 30 ─ 40 mW
Air Conditioner Type: Wall Inverter Split System

Technical data

Energy class: A ++
Air conditioner power: 12000 BTU (3.5 kW)
Power consumption for cooling: 1.14 kW (0.13 ─ 1.58 kW)
Energy consumption for heating: 0.63 kW (0.13 ─ 1.58 kW)
Air flow velocity (indoor / outdoor): 527 ─ 2,000 m3 / h
Internal block noise level: 22 ─ 39 dB (A)
Outdoor unit noise level: 58 dB (A)
Working temperature: -15 ─ +50 ° C
Physical characteristics

Freon type: R32 Eco gas
Freon weight: 500 gr
Inner block weight: 7.5 kg
Outer block weight: 22.7 kg
Inner block dimensions (length * depth * height): 805 x 194 x 285 mm
Outer block dimensions (length * depth * height): 700 x 275 x 550 mm
Additional features

LED display
Follow Me function - the air conditioner operates on a remote control, which records the actual temperature of the room in which it is located;
2D INVERTER DC - adjust the compressor frequency and external fan speed;
2-SPEED FAN - Three speed settings (HIGH, MED, LOW) have three additional sub-parameters. Along with the dehydration, turbo and silence function speeds, the air conditioner receives a total of 12 air velocities.
Temperature indicator
Remote Control
Automatic self-cleaning
Automatic reboot
Night mode
Freon leak sensor
WI-FI support
Adjust the aging direction
Anti-fungal filter

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