ARISTON - GENUS X 32kW Central heating boiler (3300854)



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Central heating boiler GENUS X 32 FF NG ARISTON 3300854

Working principle: natural gas
Boiler type: two-circuit (heating + hot water)
Combustion chamber type: closed
Exhaust Principle: Forced
Code: 3300854
Power: 32 kilowatts
Warranty: 5 years
Production: Italy
Technical data:

Heating area: 180 - 260 mW
Minimum / maximum power: 16.7 - 36.1 kW.
Minimum / maximum gas consumption: 1.59 - 3.44 mW / h
Energy efficiency (MCC): 93.8%
Hot water capacity (Δt 25 ° C): 18.5 l / min.
Heating circuit temperature: 35-82 °
Hot water contour temperature: 36-60 ° C
Power consumption: 101 W
Max. Pressure in the system: 3 bar
Expansion tank capacity: 8 L
Protection type: IPX5D
Dimensions (height / length / width): 770 х 400 х 315 mm
Weight (kg): 32
Additional features:

Absolute comfort: Built-in smart features AUTO and COMFORT provide a comfortable and stable temperature in the home;
Function AUTO - maximum comfort, energy efficiency and economy, based on automatic analysis of environmental conditions related to external devices and performance levels;
Function COMFORT - faster delivery of hot water in two modes: COMFORT mode (hot water in 30 seconds) and COMFORT + mode (hot water in just 5 seconds);
High efficiency: up to 93.6% and energy savings of up to 30% thanks to the modulation pump;
The most convenient touch control and interface;
Unified Communication Protocol BusBridgeNet®;
Quality control at all stages of production. Made from the finest European components in Italy;
100% tested in real conditions: All Ariston boilers coming out of the conveyor are tested for efficiency, working capacity and sealing capacity;
100% designed for long-lasting operation: for maximum performance created from strong and durable materials