ARISTON - GENUS PR EVO HP 85kw System heating boiler (3581566)



High-capacity wall-mounted system heating boiler with condensing heat exchanger.
Central heating boiler GENUS PR EVO HP 85kw mono FF syst ARISTON 3581566

Flexible configuration: cascade installation both
in line and back to back.
/ Optimal consumption: condensing technology
which allows 35% energy saving plus possibility
to have two speed pump (only 85-100kw) or full
modulating pump as optional accessories (only
85 to 150kw).
/ Complete control via Sensys system interface.
/ Wide Dot Matrix Backlit LDC display
/ Busbridge net communication protocol
/ Auto function for constant temperature
/ Connect to external tank for hot water production
/ Low water pressure sensor
/ Anti-freezing and scle accumulation protection

  • Working principle: natural gas
  • Boiler type: single circuit (heating)
  • Heat exchanger: condensing
  • Combustion chamber type: closed
  • Exhaust principle: forced
  • Code: 3581566
  • Power: 85 kW
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Production: Netherlands

Technical data:

  • Heating area: up to 850 m²
  • Minimum/maximum power: 19.7 - 88.8 kW.
  • Minimum/maximum gas consumption: 1.80 - 7.30 m³/h
  • Energy efficiency (mcc): 108.1 %
  • Heating circuit temperature: 35-82°
  • Power consumption: 230 / 50 W
  • Max. System pressure: 4 bar
  • Protection type: IPX4D
  • Noise level: 57 dB
  • Dimensions (height/length/depth): 888 х 465 х 602  mm
  • Weight (kg): 80

Additional features:

  • Condensation technology and thermoregulation devices increase the efficiency and productivity of the heating system up to A+ class;
  • Absolute comfort: built-in smart functions AUTO and COMFORT ensure a comfortable and stable temperature at home;
  • AUTO function - maximum comfort, energy efficiency and economy, based on automatic analysis of environmental conditions related to external devices and levels required for performance;
  • COMFORT function - faster delivery of hot water in two modes: COMFORT mode (hot water in 30 seconds) and COMFORT+ mode (hot water in just 5 seconds);
  • PROGRAM function - programming of boiler operation and temperature according to days and hours;
  • The gas adaptation system ensures the efficiency of the heating boiler at a high level even when the gas pressure changes;
  • The new XtraTech ™ heat exchanger is exclusive to Ariston and extremely reliable;
  • automatic adaptation of gas parameters;
  • sound insulation panels and silencers;
  • Quality control at all stages of production. Made in Italy from the best European components;
  • unified communication protocol BusBridgeNet®;
  • 100% tested in real conditions: all Ariston boilers that come off the conveyor are checked for efficiency, operability and tightness;
  • 100% designed to last: made from strong and durable materials for maximum performance.



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