VANWARD - JSG 12L Gas water heater

VANWARD - JSG 12L Gas water heater



Gas water heater with tube Vanward JSG12ST-S21 with coaxial tube
New generation, economical and safe

Installation: wall hanging
Management: with sensor
Warranty: 2 years
Technical data:

Combustion chamber type: closed
Exhaust principle: forced
Gas Type: NG (Natural Gas)
Nominal gas pressure in case of liquefied gas: 2000 Pa
Ignition type: integrated automatic ignition
Power: 8 - 24 kW
Hot water throughput (Δt 25°C): 12 l/min.
Water pressure (MPa): 0.02-1.0
Electrical voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
Nominal power: 33 W
Dimensions (height/length/width): 650 x 345 x 165 mm
Weight (kg): 17
Additional features:

Simple: you specify a specific temperature in advance without any waiting. You no longer have to adjust the temperature multiple times on every switch;
Comfortable: maintains the specified temperature regardless of the change of the water jet;
Safe: The two-chamber, closed combustion heat exchanger is completely safe for use. It is protected as much as possible from gas leakage and is allowed to be installed in the living space.
Micro computer intelligent control system
The main component of the gas water heater is the microcomputer intelligent control system, which is one of the most advanced mechatronics technologies today. The central processor chipset can automatically analyze and set optimal operating parameters based on rapidly varying data such as water quantity, pressure conditions and internal water temperature.
Digital control of automatic constant inlet water temperature
This function monitors the inlet water temperature through a temperature sensor and transmits the information to the micro-computer so that the micro-computer can receive gas and air supplies with a guarantee of a constant inlet water temperature set by the user and an automatic actual indoor water temperature.
Low initial water pressure
The lowest starting pressure of this product can reach 0.02MPa (minimum water flow rate is 2.5L/min), also it can be used in low water pressure residential area.
Artificial intelligence memory function
The gas water heater can operate at the temperature you set when you last reset it, so you don't need to reset the temperature, which is the result of great experience in ergonomics.
Efficiency and energy storage
The product is created using modern technologies called enhanced combustion and forced combustion. These patents aim to make the best use of heat energy with high working efficiency.
Temperature set by touch
You can set the required temperature by touching the digital display. The setting temperature is from 35℃ to 65℃, which meets the water temperature requirements through simple operation.
Security protection
The product has safety protection systems including self-checking system, ignition protection, overheating protection, power cut protection system, ventilation failure protection, electric overload protection, electric leakage protection, wind pressure protection, over temperature protection, etc.



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